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You can’t be in Arizona or Florida without playing a round of golf. These states boast some of the most beautiful courses, from The Stone Canyon Club in Oro Valley to Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach. In fact, Florida and Arizona rank first and second, respectively, in’s ranking of the best states for golfing in America. But too much time on the links, especially in the hot sunshine, may call for a refreshing and rehydrating golf drip.

IV therapy is just the pick-me-up if you’ve experienced dehydration on the course. There’s no need to travel to a hospital for treatment — Mobile IV Nurses comes to you, providing infusions at home or even in the clubhouse after you finish 18 holes. Try us out if you need to revive yourself from golf fatigue.

Golfer’s Fatigue

Anyone who thinks golf isn’t a grueling sport has probably never walked an entire course during a game or felt a surge of muscular power while teeing off. Golf is a sport that requires agility, brawn, stamina, and precision.

Like any sport, golf can take a lot out of you. If you’ve got golf swing fatigue in the middle of a round, it impairs your play. When your swing is a little off, putts miss the mark and you can’t loft the ball high or far enough to make par.

And dehydration can make matters even worse. Common symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and muscle cramps interfere with your game and affect your overall quality of play. Dehydration also increases your level of fatigue, making it hard to enjoy a sport you love.

If you’re feeling extreme fatigue after golf, you need to rehydrate quickly to replace lost bodily fluids and prevent dehydration from getting worse.

Perfect Pairing for a Golfer: Hydration and Electrolytes

Dehydration can be the difference between par and an eagle. Staying hydrated keeps you on top of your game, and IV therapy gives you the best hydration with high-quality fluids. 

IV therapy with a saline solution is a powerful antidote to the symptoms of golf fatigue. A drip IV bag contains sterile fluids, such as 0.9% sodium chloride (also called normal saline). This offers rapid rehydration by going straight to the bloodstream for maximum absorption. And the sodium within the solution is a powerful electrolyte that governs cellular processes throughout the body so you can function at your best. 

Get an Energy Infusion for the Back Nine

You’re halfway through your round. The temps are getting higher, but you don’t want your score to do the same. Prevent this from happening with a pre-golf IV infusion that helps power you through 18 holes.

At Mobile IV Nurses, our Myers’ Cocktail is a terrific choice for a golf drip bag. This hydrating formula contains B vitamins for those times when you need increased energy and vitamin C for muscle support. A Myers’ Cocktail also contains magnesium, zinc, and glutathione for terrific wellness support. 

Athletes also like our Performance Plus IV. This power-packed drip bag includes vitamin B12 and B Complex, as well as taurine — an amino acid that supports muscle function. We also include NAD+, a potent coenzyme that promotes energy on the cellular level.

You can also adapt a Myers’ Cocktail or Performance Plus IV to meet your needs by adding medication or extra vitamins and minerals. Customizing your IV therapy can help you get the best results.

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IV Therapy for Golf Tournaments

Professional and collegiate tournaments may prohibit IV treatments during play. But players may find it beneficial to rebound from competitive golf with rejuvenating IV therapy. 

Spectators enjoying a golf tournament for hours in the hot sun may also want to get an IV infusion if they’ve been sweating in the warmer climate. An IV treatment tent at the course can serve anyone who needs to rehydrate quickly; these IV stations can also be an attractive amenity at charity golf tournaments for players and attendees alike.

Who Can Benefit From IV Therapy

Anyone experiencing extreme fatigue after golf will get something out of IV therapy. Whether you’re a spectator or a player, you can enjoy rapid rehydration with the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Try it and experience an exciting recharge for your well-being.

Preventing Dehydration on the Course

You don’t have to get extremely dehydrated on the golf course, however. There are steps you can take before you hit the links to help prevent dehydration so you can play your best game.

Before you go golfing:

  • Get an early start on hydration: Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before you go golfing. Try to drink at least 12 to 16 ounces of water in the morning before you play, and carry a large reusable water bottle with you on the course you can sip from throughout the day.
  • Limit alcohol or caffeinated drinks: These are diuretic beverages, which means you’ll urinate more frequently and lose more fluids. 
  • Limit your sun exposure: Wear a visor, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and light-colored clothing. If there are trees or pop-up shade coverings along the course, take advantage of them to stay out of the sun’s blazing rays.
  • Get a pre-golf drip IV: If you know you’re going to be on the course all day, prep with a hydrating infusion.

Score a Hole-In-One with Mobile IV Nurses

Our mobile IV service brings high-quality IV drips for dehydration and fatigue to you. We can be at your home or office before or after a round of golf. Our Mobile IV Nurses team will also come to your hotel. This is especially convenient if you’re on a golf vacation or hitting the links as part of a bachelor party weekend. We can even visit you at the golf club if needed. Learn more about us and our extensive lineup of IV treatments, then book online.

Experience the Convenience of At-Home IV Therapy with Mobile IV Nurses

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