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Perform at your highest level to elevate your game. Our Performance Plus IV package offers specialized IV therapy for athletes for either before or after workouts. Experience the difference when you use our performance IV drip with our mobile IV service that brings high-quality rehydration to you, wherever you are. It’s an ideal recovery IV to help you feel and perform at your best. Contact us today to book your IV for sports recovery.

Performance Plus – $300

This IV package costs $300, which includes a travel fee for one of our team members to come to your location. The Performance Plus has:

  • SodA sterile saline solution (Sodium Chloride 0.9% or Lactated Ringer’s)
  • B Complex vitamins
  • Two doses of vitamin B12
  • Taurine
  • 100 mg of NAD+

We use medical-grade ingredients of the highest quality in all of our IVs. They’ll have a potent effect on your overall health and wellness, including your athletic performance.

What Is the Performance Plus IV?

When you leave it all out on the field, what’s left in the t

When you leave it all out on the field, what’s left in the tank? High-intensity or endurance workouts can deplete the body of necessary fluids. Dehydration makes it difficult to perform at your best. You can feel fatigued and sluggish physically and mentally, and it may take longer for your muscles to recover from strenuous exercise because dehydration exacerbates pain, soreness, and cramping. 

The Performance Plus IV for sports recovery is a great source of rapid rehydration that gets you back to full strength. You’ll feel energized and exhilarated and ready to get back to playing the sport you love.

Ingredients in Our Recovery IV Drips

Performance Plus is the ideal athlete drip IV. It maintains optimal fluid levels in the body to prevent dehydration, so it works well before or after vigorous exercise. We’ve formulated this powerful IV to bring you the best results:

  • Our sterile saline solution restores much-needed electrolyte balance after a heavy-duty workout.
  • B Complex and B12 are vitamins known for their energy-enhancing capabilities. Use this performance IV drip before a vigorous training session or renew your vitality after an endurance event or intense cardio.
  • Taurine is an amino acid that can reduce fatigue and support muscle function; it may also play a role in how your body burns fat when you’re physically active. Many athletes like taurine because it keeps their bodies functioning at a high level.
  • NAD+ is a coenzyme that fuels the body with cellular energy, helping your mind and body stay sharp. It’s important to supplement NAD+ as you age because your body decreases its production over time. 

Benefits of an Athlete Drip IV

With the Performance Plus IV, you can train to achieve peak performance. The benefits include:

  • Effective rehydration. Your favorite sports drink first has to pass through your digestive system, lowering the absorption rate (and the effectiveness) of any nutrients. However, IV infusion works right away in the bloodstream, so you feel hydrated faster while your body rapidly absorbs the vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals from your drip bag. A recovery IV can alleviate dehydration symptoms and the uncomfortable effects of robust exercise. Less downtime gives you more time to get back to training so you can improve performance. 
  • Reduced muscle cramping. You don’t want your muscles to seize up in mile 24 of your marathon. An IV before an event may help prevent cramps that slow you down. An IV for sports recovery also replaces fluid to ease cramping after an event.
  • Easier recovery. Muscles that have worked hard may feel the effects of inflammation or oxidative stress caused by free radical production that increases in the body during exercise. A recovery IV, especially one with antioxidants and vitamins that counteract free radical damage, can alleviate soreness.
  • Dehydration symptom relief. An IV can ease common issues stemming from dehydration, such as fatigue, headaches, and lightheadedness. It’s a fast way to counteract fluid loss.

Hydrate the body pre- or post-workout with our Performance Plus IV. Book an appointment with us today!


Some athletes prefer to schedule regular IV treatments as part of their training regimen, particularly on days when their workouts are super intense. Other athletes may use them after an event that depletes their bodies’ resources. 

Signs of dehydration that indicate an IV may be useful include:

  • Inability to urinate
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Excessive thirst or dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle pain

Athletes who compete in a sport with a governing body may want to check their regulations to ensure IV treatment is allowed during training or before and after an athletic event. 


Mobile IV Nurses is the leading provider of mobile IV services. We understand the demands athletes place on their bodies and know how to use IV therapy to help clients fulfill their athletic potential. Here’s why you should call us the next time you need a recovery IV:

  • Convenience. We typically arrive at your location within an hour of your call, text, or email. We treat you at a place that’s comfortable and relaxing, like your home or even your gym.
  • Expertise. We have an all-star team of registered nurses and paramedics who perform all IV treatments. Like athletes, they’ve spent hours in training to be the best at what they do.
  • Customization. Our experienced pros can suggest the right treatment for you based on your health needs. Add bonus vitamins, supplements, or medications to your Performance Plus IV for one-of-a-kind treatment. 
  • Affordability. Mobile IV Nurses offers cost-effective pricing packages for its mobile service so it’s easy on your budget.


Enjoy the convenience of fast, responsive mobile IV therapy performed by trained medical professionals. Mobile IV Nurses has many locations throughout Arizona to best serve our clientele. Contact us today for gold medal-level IV therapy for athletes. Book an appointment online, call (602) 677-6058, or email us at [email protected]