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The Performance Plus Package

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is a Performance IV?
Performance IV drips can be used before or after training or a strenuous athletic event to rehydrate and ease the effects of physical exertion. This drip IV typically contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that address fatigue, fluid replenishment, muscle recovery, and other common concerns. Other supplements or medications may also be added to target specific issues, such as short-term pain from an injury.
2What Does an IV Drip Do for Athletes?
Many elite athletes and weekend warriors rely on IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery. That’s because drip IVs prove effective when it comes to rebounding from training or events so these athletes can maintain top performance. IV infusions provide rapid rehydration to replenish lost fluids; reduce muscle cramping and soreness; and alleviate symptoms associated with dehydration such as headaches or fatigue.
3What Is the Benefit of an IV Drip?
There are many benefits linked to IV therapy for athletes and non-athletes alike. The sterile solution in your IV bag contains electrolytes to help rebalance your body when it’s dehydrated, and because the solution is administered into the bloodstream, you’ll experience faster symptom relief if you’re suffering from extensive fluid loss. You’ll also get maximum absorption of the vitamins and minerals in your IV, which is helpful if you need to recover from symptoms of the flu or nutrient deficiency. And IV infusions help reduce inflammation in the body, like when athletes incur a muscle injury. Add in the convenience of mobile IV service at your home or office, and you can see why IV therapy is such an attractive option.
4What Are the Side Effects of an IV Drip?
Like any medical procedure, there are some potential side effects you should be aware of before getting your first IV infusion. Because a needle is used to insert the IV port for the drip line, there is a slight risk of bruising, swelling, or infection. Some people may also experience an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the IV infusion. That’s why you want to seek IV treatment with qualified and experienced medical professionals, like the team members at Mobile IV Nurses.
Jay Whitaker
Jay Whitaker
Had a great experience on last minute notice they really stepped up.
Nicole Magana
Nicole Magana
Tammy was wonderful she treated me for a migraine. We talked about the medication, she did a quick check on me and got the IV started.She was extremely kind. The medication helped when I woke up the next morning I felt so much better.
shelley dobney
shelley dobney
Krista is the best there is to have! She has never missed a stick on me. She is always good on time. Same day service. And most importantly she ALWAYS show up with a smile! Shelley
Susan Freeman
Susan Freeman
Christa is THE BEST Ever!! (and being an RN myself I feel like I am picky😉) She has been my IV Nurse for almost 2 years now and cannot give enough props about her! She is super busy but she is always able to help when I ask and knows exactly the right solutions to get me feeling awesome again-Love you lady❤️Susan
Kenna Dowling
Kenna Dowling
Tiffany was amazing!! She was so knowledgeable and helped me pick what was best for my body. She explained everything she was doing as she did it. She made me feel confident before, during, and after my appointment. I definitely recommend using Tiffany from Mobile IV Nurses!
Cathy Cole
Cathy Cole
Tiffany is amazing. Her infusions make me feel better. She is very kind and I never have a problem with my IV it is done right every time with no bruises.
Rachel Poole
Rachel Poole
Tiffany from Mobile IV Nurses is the absolute BEST! She is so kind! She always makes me feel so cared about and even checks up in following days to make sure my IV worked.
Tristan Fazenbaker
Tristan Fazenbaker
Tiffany was super helpful and super friendly! Recommended a big bundle that was a life saver when I was sick! Absolutely gonna use the service again. If you’re in the west valley surprise buckeye and surrounding areas I recommend Tiffany!!
Susan Burks
Susan Burks
Tiffany was professional informative and kind! Side bonus was great conversation during the IV

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Perform at your highest level to elevate your game. Our Performance Plus IV package offers specialized IV therapy for athletes either before or after workouts. It’s the ultimate performance IV drip for competitors at any level who are striving to achieve their personal best.

Experience the difference when you use our mobile IV service that brings high-quality rehydration to you, wherever you are. It’s an ideal recovery IV to help maximize your training and event performance.

There is no travel fee for one of our team members to come to your location in any of the areas we serve. If you are an athlete, IV drip therapy with Mobile IV Nurses is a winner. Contact us today to book your IV for sports recovery.

Performance Plus – $325

Mobile IV Nurses IV bag for Performance Plus

This IV package includes a travel fee for one of our team members to come to your location. The Performance Plus has:

    • SodA sterile saline solution (Sodium Chloride 0.9% or Lactated Ringer’s)
    • B Complex vitamins
    • Two doses of vitamin B12
    • Taurine
    • 100 mg of NAD+

We use medical-grade ingredients of the highest quality in all of our IVs. They’ll have a potent effect on your overall health and wellness, including your athletic performance.

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What is a Performance Plus IV?

When you leave it all out on the field, what’s left in the tank? High-intensity or endurance workouts can deplete the body of necessary fluids. Dehydration makes it difficult to perform at your best. You can feel fatigued and sluggish physically and mentally, and it may take longer for your muscles to recover from strenuous exercise because dehydration exacerbates pain, soreness, and cramping. 

The Performance Plus IV for sports recovery is a great source of rapid rehydration that gets you back to full strength. You’ll feel energized, exhilarated, and ready to get back to playing the sport you love with our IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery.

There are two very notable ingredients in the Performance Plus package. Taurine is an amino acid thought to support physical performance and muscle function; it’s also a common ingredient in energy drinks. NAD+, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a molecule the body produces to fulfill many functions and provide cellular energy. As we age, our NAD+ production decreases, so supplementation can offer energy support. Both of these ingredients are ideal components of IV performance solutions.

All of the medical-grade ingredients in the Performance Plus are exceptional for IV recovery. Call on Mobile IV Nurses if you want to up your game with IV therapy.

When Do Medical Professionals Use a Performance Plus Package?

Mobile IV Nurses team members are medical professionals experienced in IV therapy. They know how to work with athletes to provide them with a performance IV drip that meets their exacting demands. 

We can help you integrate recovery IV treatments into your training regimen or after your events. Our medical professionals can even come to your gym or training facility for easy and effective IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery.

Who Should Get a Performance Plus IV Drip?

Athletes who engage in rigorous training, vigorous workouts, or endurance events may all benefit from IV therapy for muscle recovery. A performance IV drip is also particularly helpful if you engage in outdoor sports in hot weather, which can increase your risk of dehydration.

Some athletes prefer to schedule regular IV treatments as part of their training regimen, particularly on days when their workouts are super intense. Other athletes may use them after an event that depletes their bodies’ resources. 

You may want to consider an IV performance solution if you are noticing the signs of dehydration:

    • Inability to urinate
    • Dark-colored urine
    • Excessive thirst or dry mouth
    • Headaches
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle pain

Athletes who compete in a sport with a governing body may want to check their regulations to ensure IV treatment is allowed during training or before and after an athletic event.

Symptoms Alleviated with Performance Plus

You’re asking a lot of your body when you compete at a high level. Using the Performance Plus for IV recovery helps mitigate common symptoms of regular physical exertion by providing:

    • Effective rehydration. Your favorite sports drink first has to pass through your digestive system, lowering the absorption rate (and the effectiveness) of any nutrients. However, IV infusion works right away in the bloodstream, so you feel hydrated faster while your body rapidly absorbs the vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals from your drip bag. A recovery IV can alleviate dehydration symptoms and the uncomfortable effects of robust exercise. Less downtime gives you more time to get back to training so you can improve your performance. 
    • Reduced muscle cramping. You don’t want your muscles to seize up at mile 24 of your marathon. An IV before an event may help prevent cramps that slow you down. An IV for sports recovery also replaces fluid to ease cramping after an event.
    • Easier recovery. Muscles that have worked hard may feel the effects of inflammation or oxidative stress caused by free radical production that increases in the body during exercise. A recovery IV, especially one with antioxidants and vitamins that counteract free radical damage, can alleviate soreness.
    • Dehydration symptom relief. An IV can ease common issues stemming from dehydration, such as fatigue, headaches, and lightheadedness. It’s a fast way to counteract fluid loss. And our sterile saline solution contains the electrolytes you need to replenish after a heavy workout.

Hydrate the body pre-or post-workout with our Performance Plus IV. Book an appointment with us today!

Feel energized, alert, and optimally healthy

With our vitamin, minerals and other supplement infusions

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Available Add-Ons for Your Performance Plus IV

Performance Plus is the ideal performance IV drip. It maintains optimal fluid levels in the body to prevent dehydration, so it works well before or after vigorous exercise. We’ve formulated this powerful IV to bring you the best results:

    • Our sterile saline solution restores much-needed electrolyte balance after a heavy-duty workout.
    • B Complex and B12 are vitamins known for their energy-enhancing capabilities. Use this performance IV drip before a vigorous training session or renew your vitality after an endurance event or intense cardio.
    • Taurine can reduce fatigue and support muscle function; it may also play a role in how your body burns fat when you’re physically active. Many athletes like taurine because it keeps their bodies functioning at a high level.
    • NAD+ is a coenzyme that fuels the body with cellular energy, helping your mind and body stay sharp. 

Like most of our IV treatments, you can also personalize your Performance Plus drip IV bag with other add-ins to elevate your treatment even more. These extra ingredients include:

    • Vitamins
    • Minerals
    • Supplements
    • Medications
    • Additional saline solution

Our add-in ingredients are available for a reasonable fee. We can discuss your options and help you customize your IV treatment for the best results. Contact us to learn more about athlete drip IVs and what they can do for you.

Schedule At-Home Performance Plus IV Therapy

Mobile IV Nurses is the leading provider of mobile IV services. We understand the demands athletes place on their bodies and know how to use IV therapy to help clients fulfill their athletic potential. Here’s why you should call us the next time you need an IV therapy for athletic performance and recovery:

    • Convenience. We typically arrive at your location within an hour of your call, text, or email. We treat you at a place that’s comfortable and relaxing, like your home or hotel room.
    • Expertise. We have an all-star team of professionals who perform all IV treatments. Like athletes, they’ve spent hours in training to be the best at what they do.
    • Customization. Our experienced pros can suggest the right treatment for you based on your health needs. Add bonus vitamins, supplements, or medications to your Performance Plus IV for one-of-a-kind treatment. 
    • Affordability. Mobile IV Nurses offers cost-effective pricing packages for its mobile service so it’s easy on your budget.

We’re available seven days a week, so it’s easy to arrange IV therapy on your schedule — even on weekends after a major sporting event. Our team members provide outstanding patient care — they’ll check your vitals, review your health history, and talk about your treatment goals to provide individualized IV therapy. And treatment sessions are fast, about 45 to 60 minutes, with no downtime. This allows you to get back to your active lifestyle feeling recharged and ready to go.

Enjoy the convenience of fast, responsive mobile IV therapy performed by trained medical professionals. Mobile IV Nurses has many locations throughout Arizona and Florida to best serve our clientele. Trust our team of experienced medical professionals when you need gold medal-level IV performance solutions. Call (602) 677-6058 (Arizona) or (305) 458-5118 (Florida), or book an appointment online.

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