Normal Saline IV Therapy

At Mobile IV Nurses, we care about your health. That’s why we use high-quality ingredients in all our IV treatments, right down to the saline! Our saline solution IV fluids will give your body the electrolytes it needs for maximum hydration and greater wellness. 

If you’re looking for fast, effective hydration that will replenish your body and help you feel great, our normal saline IV fluids are perfect for you. Whether you get a pure saline IV or opt for one of our other add-ins, you’re sure to see benefits almost instantly. 

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Saline Solution IV Fluids

Saline IV fluids are an exceptional all-purpose treatment for anyone who wants to rehydrate quickly and effectively. It’s a great option for athletes recovering from an event, pregnant women fighting morning sickness, anyone treating a hangover, and many other conditions. 

Purely Saline Package – $100

This saline IV bag doesn’t include any add-ins, so it’s ideal for people who have allergies or any kind of intolerances. It’s the best choice when you just need to replenish lost fluids from dehydration. The $100 cost includes travel fees to your location, whether that’s your home, office, hotel room, or anywhere else.

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The Importance of Our Saline Package

Why is saline so important for your body, anyway? The human body is about 60% water, and we need enough fluids to keep our bodies functioning in tiptop shape. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans (around 75%) are chronically dehydrated, which can adversely affect their physical and mental health. 

Saline solution IV fluids can help your body hydrate quickly because the fluid goes directly into your bloodstream rather than passing through your digestive system. It also replenishes electrolytes and other minerals that aren’t in water, helping to improve your overall health and well-being.

What is “Normal Saline”?

When you’re looking for saline solutions for IV fluids, you’ll often see us refer to something called “normal saline.” But what does this mean? This term refers to the amount of sodium chloride in sterile water.

Normal saline IV fluids (also called 0.9% sodium chloride) contain 0.9 g of salt for every 100 ml of sterile water. This is ideal for individuals who need to replenish minerals as well as fluids — for example, people treating hangovers, colds, and flu, or other illnesses.

At Mobile IV Nurses, we use normal saline in all our IV therapy infusions. Whether you want fast rehydration after an athletic event, relief from a migraine or morning sickness, or simply to enhance your overall health, our normal saline (and other vitamins, supplements, or medications) can help you achieve your wellness goals.

When are Saline Solution Drips Used?

People who are new to IV therapy might start with saline solution IV fluids to determine how they feel during and after an infusion. People with certain allergies or sensitivities can also benefit from saline, as it can help them hydrate without any extra ingredients. 

At Mobile IV Nurses, we offer saline solution in all our IV treatments, no matter what pricing package you choose. Depending on your body weight and needs, you can also add an extra liter of saline to any IV package for just $50, but only if it’s extremely necessary. This is so you can make sure your body has all the fluids it needs to feel good as new!

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