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Tempe Mobile IV Therapy Sevices

When you feel listless and worn out, all you want to do is get better—fast. That’s when you can call on Mobile IV Nurses. We are the leading provider of high-quality IV therapy in Tempe. 

We’ll bring you powerful, vitamin-rich hydration so you can recharge and recover. Whether you’re feeling sick, struggling with a chronic health condition or recovering from a major athletic feat or a long night out, our IV therapy in Tempe, AZ, can help you feel better again.

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The Best IV Service in Tempe

IV therapy is on the cutting edge of healthcare, and we are experts in delivering this innovative service to you at your convenience. Mobile IV Nurses has a reputation for providing fast, reliable, patient-centered service. Our highly qualified team of medical professionals administers top-notch medical products similar to what you’d find in a doctor’s office or hospital. 

When you turn to us, there is no need to get in your car and travel to the ER or an urgent care center. All you have to do is relax and let us come to you with the finest mobile IV therapy in Tempe! 

What Is Mobile IV Nurses?

Experienced paramedics and registered nurses perform our Tempe IV therapy services. They share a commitment to personalized patient care and uphold our rigorous safety protocols. Their compassion and expertise make us the most sought-after provider of mobile IV therapy in Tempe, AZ. 

What Can A Mobile IV Be Used For?

Our IV treatments in Tempe are filled with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that help your body recover from many of your most uncomfortable symptoms. With our mobile IVs, Tempe residents can choose from a wide range of services. We offer two hydration IVs — a 0.9% Sodium Chloride (normal saline) solution and a Lactated Ringer’s solution.

Next, you can customize your IV from a diverse menu of add-on supplements. We can add ingredients to give your IV therapy the maximum effectiveness for dehydration, colds, flu, food poisoning, migraines and other chronic health conditions!

Our registered nurses and paramedics work with you to find the blend that targets your specific concerns. With our IV therapy in Tempe, you can also choose the popular Myer’s Cocktail, which features a potent mix of vitamins and minerals to fight fatigue and restore energy.

Mobile IV Nurses also specialize in NAD+ infusions. NAD+ is essential for good health because it fuels the body’s cells, but production decreases over time. NAD+ IV therapy can produce reported benefits such as reduced mood swings, increased energy levels and DNA repair.

When you need a lift, rely on Mobile IV Nurses for the following IV therapy treatments in Tempe.

Relieving Painful Hangovers

The morning after a fun night out with friends can often not be as fun. A hangover can hit your body hard as your system attempts to clear out the alcohol you consumed the night before. Some people can have a nasty headache, while others experience waves of nausea — no matter what, everyone agrees that hangovers are unpleasant.

Schedule a mobile IV appointment with us to help aid your body in the toxin breakdown process. Hangover IVs can give your body the support it needs through nutrients like vitamin C, B vitamins, glutathione, magnesium, saline and zinc.

Replenishing Nutrients Lost From Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can impact either end of your body through vomiting or diarrhea. When this happens, your body can lose essential nutrients and hydration, leaving you fatigued and nauseous. Quickly get back on your feet with help from our Resurrection IV drip. A mixture of saline, B vitamins, glutathione, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc and anti-nausea medications is the key to your physical well-being.

Hydrating the Body

Whether you’re recovering from a stomach bug or a hot summer’s day, we offer rapid rehydration IVs. Our most simple is the saline IV drip, created with only sterile water and sodium chloride — perfect for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain vitamins or minerals. You can add any nutrients you know are safe to this package or check out some of our other hydration IVs, including our popular Myers’ Cocktail.

Supporting Expecting Mothers Through Morning Sickness

Whether or not this is your first time expecting, every pregnancy can affect you differently. One of the most commonly reported symptoms of expecting mothers is morning sickness. Nausea and vomiting can often rule your day, causing you to stay home and in bed. Instead of letting this feeling take over, help your body support both you and your baby with IV therapy.

At Mobile IV Nurses, we have a few options to help combat morning sickness symptoms. Check out any of the following — ranging from simple to more complex — for extra aid:

Calming Migraines and Headaches

Headaches range from a simple allergy tension headache to a migraine with an aura. Regardless of its intensity, this pounding in your head can knock you down for the day. Sometimes, lying in a dark room is the only solution. Let us help you get back to your day with our IVs, full of nutrients to help reduce inflammation and even battle against nausea — a common feeling during an intense migraine. 

Recover from ASU

Tempe is the home of ASU — and on your average Sunday morning around here, there are more than a few Sun Devils nursing nasty hangovers. But when you call Mobile IV Nurses, you don’t have to spend the day feeling less than your best.

We can help your body say goodbye to nausea, headache, fatigue and other symptoms that tend to follow a wild party. And best of all, we’ll come to you! 

Our team will bring vitamin-rich, hydrating infusions directly to your house. We’ll assess your health and select the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals to help manage your condition and relieve your symptoms. We can even add medication like Toradol for pain or Zofran for nausea to help you find fast relief!

And what do you have to do while we set up your IV? Nothing! You and your buddies can kick back and relax — we can do multiple IVs at once — while those essential ingredients work their magic. Before you know it, you’ll start feeling better — and there’s no recovery time required when the infusion is complete. You can simply go about your day, and you might even be ready for another crazy night out! 

How Much Does A Mobile IV Cost in Tempe?

We’re proud to offer reasonably priced Tempe IV therapy. We offer several different packages for our patients in Tempe.


  • B Complex
  • Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)
  • Glutathione
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Taurine
  • NAD+


  • Toradol (ketorolac)
  • Zofran (ondansetron)
  • Benadryl (diphenhydramine)
  • Pepcid (famotidine)
  • Reglan (metoclopramide)
  • Phenergan (promethazine)

How To Book A Mobile IV in Tempe

Mobile IV Nurses has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding IV therapy in Tempe and the other areas we serve. If you want to experience IV therapy for yourself, contact us today!

Call Mobile IV Nurses at (602) 677-6058, email [email protected], or book an appointment online.



Is IV therapy worth it?

Absolutely! When you get IV therapy in Tempe, you are giving your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its peak. This helps improve your health from the inside out, and you’ll notice the results in the way you feel almost instantly.

How long does it take for IV therapy to kick in?

The answer to this question depends largely on your health needs. For example, a person who is hungover and dehydrated might notice the benefits of rapid rehydration before someone who is healthy and feeling fine (but you can still benefit from IV therapy in Tempe when you’re healthy). Most of our patients notice a difference right away, and they start feeling better within 30 minutes.

How long does IV therapy last?

Again, the answer here varies with each person. Our IV treatments give your body plenty of vitamins and minerals, which can help you achieve optimal health for quite a while after your infusion.

Our patients who use IV therapy in their regular wellness routine typically get an infusion every two weeks. But if you’re looking to recover from a hangover, banish a headache or heal from the flu, one IV treatment should help you get back on your feet ASAP!