IV Therapy Treatment for Nausea

Young man feeling nausea

IV for Nausea

We all know that upset feeling in the pit of our stomach, and nobody likes it. Nausea makes it hard to function throughout the day, whether it’s a mild queasiness or a sharp pain that induces vomiting.

When you’re suffering from nausea, IV fluids for vomiting can help ease that rumbling in your stomach and make you feel like your old self again. Not only will it ease that queasy feeling in your stomach and make you less likely to throw up, but it can help to replenish and rehydrate your body, too. In this way, IV treatment can both ease your symptoms and help you recover from side effects from your illness.

Read on to learn more about how Mobile IV Nurses can get you back to feeling yourself again with an IV for nausea today. Don’t worry — you don’t even have to get out of bed!

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The Myers' Cocktail is what we typically recommend for a blast of Nausea and vitamins. The price includes us traveling to your location!
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Causes and Symptoms of Nausea

There are countless causes for nausea. It may be triggered by an illness such as the flu or food poisoning. It can also be a side effect of numerous health conditions, ranging from migraines and thyroid disorders to irritable bowel syndrome. Some people also experience situational nausea, which can be due to pregnancy, motion sickness, or even stress. Additionally, nausea can be a byproduct of certain medications or cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Unlike symptoms of other health issues, it’s hard to miss the signs of nausea. You know what that queasiness feels like! Vomiting is a major nausea symptom, as well as headaches or light dizziness. Nausea and vomiting can be serious and require immediate medical attention if you’re also experiencing symptoms like:

  • Chest pain
  • Blurry vision
  • Disorientation
  • Intolerable stomach cramps
  • A high fever
  • Stiffness in the neck

Even If you don’t have those severe symptoms, you may want to calm your stomach troubles with an IV treatment for nausea.

Young man feeling nausea

Anti-Nausea IV Treatment

An IV with nausea meds can be vital for nausea relief. It’s easy to become dehydrated if you’ve been vomiting, which means your body is low on the fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes it needs to regain full health.’

Enriched IV fluids for vomiting help replace those missing fluids and get your electrolyte levels back in balance. The extra vitamin therapy it provides can also help you feel better and prevent a vitamin deficiency.

We recommend a Myers’ Cocktail to treat nausea. This potent IV contains a solution that addresses dehydration, fatigue, and lack of energy with magnesium, vitamin B12, B-Complex, vitamin C, zinc, and the antioxidant glutathione. You may want to supplement your Myers’ Cocktail IV with nausea medicine like Zofran. Our medical team works with you to customize your IV therapy, so you get effective relief and fast results.

Mobile IV Nurses is your best choice for nausea-related IV therapy because we come to you. The last thing you want to do when you’re nauseous or vomiting is travel to the emergency room or an urgent care center and wait until you can be treated. We come to your home, office, or any other location for your convenience. It’s perhaps one of the best parts of our service. Enjoy the comfort of a familiar environment as a member of our medical team completes your treatment. IV treatment also works fast, so you can get back to your busy day or spend more time with your loved ones.

Many people report feeling immediate relief after their IV treatment—and that’s especially welcome when they’re fighting off nausea and vomiting. Don’t wait and suffer—contact us today if you’re sick of feeling sick to your stomach. We have affordable pricing packages for all of our IV treatments, including the Myers’ Cocktail, as well as several payment options to make IV therapy as seamless as possible for you.

IV Therapy for Nausea Frequently Asked Questions

1When should I get an IV treatment for nausea?

The nutrients and medication in IV fluids for vomiting are safe to use, so you can get an IV at any time. Mobile IV Nurses will even send a team to your home or office, so you can get relief ASAP when you call us.

However, some nausea symptoms may warrant a trip to your local urgent care center. Please visit a hospital right away if you experience any of the following:

  • Blood in your vomit
  • A substance that looks like coffee grounds in your vomit
  • Vomiting for four hours nonstop or 48 hours off and on
  • The inability to keep down liquids
  • Severe headache
  • Uncontrolled diarrhea

These symptoms can be dangerous and require further attention from your doctor.

2How long will my IV therapy take to work?

A typical IV treatment for nausea takes 30-45 minutes from start to finish, and many of our patients report feeling better in that time. This is because IVs put nutrients and medication directly into your bloodstream, where the body can absorb them right away.

Unlike oral medications, IV treatments do not have to be digested before they start to work. This is particularly important for people struggling with nausea, as they may not be able to keep their medicine down long enough for it to take effect.

If nausea is bringing you down, don’t worry. We’ll get you the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and medicine you need to ease your stomach and feel like yourself again — and you’ll get it all in under an hour!

3Are there side effects to Zofran?

Some patients who use Zofran intravenously for their nausea have reported side effects, like:

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Lightheadedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Redness/pain/burning at the injection site

Many of these symptoms will subside during your IV treatment for nausea, thanks to the health benefits of the other nutrients in the IV. However, please alert your nurse right away if you experience any side effects after using Zofran — especially these rare yet serious ones:

  • Stomach pain
  • Muscle stiffness or spasms
  • Blurred vision or other vision changes
4Which vitamin add-ins are best to fight nausea?

If you want to add something extra to your IV with nausea meds, we recommend adding vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, or magnesium.

Vitamin B complex contains several B vitamins, including B1 (thiamine), B6 (pyridoxine) and more! Low levels of both these vitamins can contribute to nausea, so replenishing your body with them is a quick and easy way to relieve tummy troubles.

Vitamin B12 is a key player in your digestive process (as well as several other bodily processes), so it is essential to curbing your nausea. It also helps facilitate a healthy gut, so it’s perfect for helping prevent more vomiting and stomach-churning.

Magnesium affects over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body, meaning it impacts everything from our brain chemistry to our gut health. Having too little magnesium in your body can cause nausea, so it’s important to make sure you have enough when you’re feeling ill.

All of these essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are available to include in your customized IV treatment. We ensure that every IV treatment is perfect for your specific health needs. Get in contact with us to discuss our different IV options and ask us any questions you might have about the benefits of IV therapy.

Katelyn Rebecca Cameron
Katelyn Rebecca Cameron
I cannot express my gratitude enough for how amazing Karina is. I am part of a crew for the Race Across the West and our rider (Walt) was in dire need of some fluids and pain management (torodol). I was scrambling trying to figure out his time and where I could find anyone who would be flexible and then I met Karina. Without hesitation she said she would make it work, she came to us and took care of Walt with kindness and understanding. I wish I could bring her along our route. Truly she is an angel and cannot recommend her enough!
Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards
Tiffany is the best!! She is always there for us and is so kind when it comes to giving ivs. I have been using her for years now and I much rather try an Iv first.
Rob Ert
Rob Ert
Ashley was great. Me and my family caught the flu and I ended up getting extra dehydrated. Instead of going to the lame ER by my house, I called Mobile IV as a last resort. Ashley ended up being our saving grace. She put together a nice mix that helped me get back on my feet so that I could take care of my wife and kid. Next day my wife called Ashley to get her own with the same results. I was so impressed that I went ahead and booked another one the day before returning to work. I highly recommend mobile IV services and nurse Ashley. Also need to mention that she was excellent at setting the IV every time. True pro, great service.
Christina Chafe
Christina Chafe
Karina was amazing! Professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable! My husband was suffering from altitude sickness. After his IV infusion he felt so much better and we could continue our vacation!
Garrett Monroe
Garrett Monroe
Monique was great with my dad. Very thorough in checking his vitals and explaining everything she was doing. He has already improved a little bit and she just left 15 min ago. I have a feeling he will request her everytime he is feeling under the weather instead of driving 30 miles to go to the clinic and sit in the waiting room for who knows how long.
Andre Ervin
Andre Ervin
I had the pleasure of having Tracy as my mobile in home IV nurse. She came right on time and was very informative and helpful! She provided me with a liter of fluid and some supplements as I experienced some dehydration. Prior to the treatment I had a headache, and muscle aches, but after the treatment I took a nap and woke up feeling much better! I would highly suggest Tracy and I will definitely be requesting her services again!
Connie Parra
Connie Parra
Tiffany M. is the BEST!!! She never disappoints and always is there when I need my IV. I won’t use any other company! Thanks Tiffany- you are awesome!
I always call Ashley when I don’t feel well, whether I am sick or think I’m getting sick. She always arrives in a short amount of time with a smile and all of her supplies. I may not always know what package to select but I tell her how I feel and what’s going on and she recommends the best solution and treatment. I always feel better by the time she leaves, with the same smile and friendliness she arrived.
Joey Kennedy
Joey Kennedy
Ashley was great! Showed up quickly and was very kind and helpful.
Anora Tillman
Anora Tillman
Karina is a knowledgeable & caring practitioner. She set us up with IVs yesterday after another Covid incident- taking great care to weigh the pros & cons of what was available & helping us make informed decisions. We’re already bouncing back & feel so very cared for as always. Thank you Karina!