Mobile IV Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

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Our team provides mobile IV vitamin therapy from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
Mobile IV Nurses has multiple locations throughout Arizona, including Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, and many others. You can find a list of all our service areas here.
We specialize in prompt, responsive IV therapy. A typical appointment takes 30 to 45 minutes. The specific length of time for your IV infusion depends on the treatment you select.
We do not accept insurance for treatment. However, we do take check, debit, credit, HSA, and FSA. Learn more about our payment policies and options.
IV vitamin therapy is versatile, with many uses. It’s fast and effective, delivering fluids rich in vitamins, minerals, and medications right to the bloodstream. These IV fluids bypass the digestive system, so the treatment offers greater nutrient absorbency compared to oral solutions. IVs also work well for people who have trouble keeping down fluids due to illness or other medical conditions. You can use IV therapy to address several health needs: Dehydration Fatigue Colds, flu, and other illnesses Altitude sickness Hangovers Migraines Nausea or vomiting Headaches B12 or other vitamin deficiency Food poisoning Athletic training or recovery Anti-aging issues, such as skin rejuvenation How long do IV fluids stay in the body? The length of time depends on the individual patient, their general health, and the type of IV therapy they use.
Yes, banana bags get their name from the yellow fluid in the drip IV. B Complex vitamins are responsible for the color. These vitamins alleviate symptoms for various issues, especially hangovers, because alcohol dehydrates and causes the body to lose vitamin B1.
Just about anyone! Depending on their health history, IV therapy works well for people ages 10 and older who weigh more than 100 pounds. The patient must be able to consent to treatment. 
This depends on what you want to achieve with vitamin IV therapy: -Weekly IV drips are used for detox or wellness treatments. -Multiple IV infusions over the course of a few days help bring symptom relief to people suffering from illnesses. -Occasional IV treatments are used by people suffering flare-ups of medical conditions, such as migraine or arthritis. For instance, migraine attacks may be lessened in severity or even prevented with timely IV therapy. -IVs are also ideal for temporary conditions such as athletic recovery, hangovers, or dehydration from excessive sun or heat exposure.
Yes! We are the leading provider of mobile IV therapy. We perform treatments at your home, office, hotel room, or any other convenient location.
Yes, our medical professionals appreciate tips for a job well done.
Our patients are a diverse group of individuals seeking IV therapy for varied health needs. We frequently treat people struggling with fatigue, illness, and dehydration, as well as food poisoning, hangovers, and more.
We are unable to treat patients with the following conditions: Congestive heart failure Kidney failure Chronic kidney disease Abnormal vital signs Medical emergencies
Yes, we welcome hospice patients looking for relief provided with IV vitamin therapy.
In this situation, we can only provide you with a detailed receipt.
No, we are unable to access your port, however, if your port is accessed and flushes without issue we are able to provide IV therapy through your port.
Yes, we can, during our normal operating hours.

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