IV Therapy for Pain Management

IV-Therapy-for-Pain-Management-in-Arizona-Mobile-IV-NursesIV for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is aggravating at best and debilitating at worst. It can be a lingering effect of a medical condition, injury, surgery, or another issue. Pain may become so severe that it hurts to complete even the simplest movements and your everyday life is disrupted. That’s when you may find value in intravenous (IV) infusions for chronic pain management.

Mobile IV Nurses provides fast-acting and effective IV pain therapy so you can feel better as soon as possible. Even better, we come to you, providing our valuable services at your home or office so you don’t have to struggle with the pain while traveling to an emergency room or urgent care center.

Recommended IV Infusion Therapy for Pain

An IV gets to work quickly to relieve pain because the IV is infused into the bloodstream. Oral pain relievers, on the other hand, have to move through the digestive system first.

This treatment can help ease pain symptoms for several types of issues. It’s common to use IV therapy for joint or stomach pain, for example, as well as to treat chronic conditions such as migraines. Rely on Mobile IV Nurses to provide exceptional IV therapy for pain.

Our premium-quality IV fluids are filled with medical-grade vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes meant to restore energy and vitality. The Myers’ Cocktail is a powerful IV with a blend of vitamin B12, B Complex vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, and glutathione that provide all-purpose treatment with many benefits.

You can also customize your Myers’ Cocktail IV to meet your health goals. We recommend a specific add-on medication, called Toradol, for all of our patients using IV therapy for pain problems.

Toradol IVs

This is a pain medication with the generic name ketorolac tromethamine. It’s a nonsteroidal non-inflammatory drug (or NSAID) that eases pain by targeting the substances in the body that cause inflammation.

An NSAID IV with Toradol is good for pain because:

  • It’s not addictive like opioid pain relievers.
  • It’s non-narcotic.
  • It helps with short-term moderate to severe pain.
  • It’s versatile enough to use for several health conditions, including post-surgical pain, arthritis, migraines, and exercise-related injuries.

Book A Toradol IV with Mobile IV Nurses

It can be tough to live with pain, which is why we are proud to offer patients relief from uncomfortable symptoms. We’re leaders in mobile IV therapy that serves our patients’ many diverse needs. All of our infusions are performed by our highly-trained team of paramedics and registered nurses. They monitor you throughout the treatment, ensuring you experience the ultimate safety and patient care.

In addition to high-quality products and extensive expertise, Mobile IV Nurses offers affordable pricing packages for our treatments. In fact, it only costs $25 to add Toradol to your IV. Life doesn’t have to be painful—contact us to schedule an appointment and find relief today.