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Aerial view of Loxahatchee River from the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in Jupiter, Florida.

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Jupiter is a coastal paradise and a wonderful place to live or visit. Savoring life here is easy when you feel your best, but everyone has times when they need a little recharge. Our mobile IV therapy in Jupiter provides a welcome boost when you’re recovering from an illness or want to feel energized all year round.

Our professional nurses can come straight to you with the best IV therapy in Jupiter. Whether you’re stuck at home sick, or holed up in your hotel room, we will come for a quick 45 to 60 minute IV treatment session. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling right as rain, while also having plenty of time to tackle the rest of your day.

Mobile IV Nurses supplies IV therapy in Jupiter that rapidly rehydrates the body with vitamin-rich fluids. We’ll make you feel better, faster. And best of all, you don’t have to leave home to get effective IV treatment. Contact us today to try it for yourself.

The Best IV Service in Jupiter

In Jupiter, IV therapy is seamless with Mobile IV Nurses. We offer all of our clients: 

  • Expertise: We’re medical professionals specializing in IV therapy. That singular focus gives you unparalleled patient care.
  • Convenience: Just contact us, and one of our team members will be at your home, hotel room or office as soon as possible. All you need to do is sit back and relax.
  • Outstanding quality: We’ve created a comprehensive lineup of IV drip bags formulated with medical-grade vitamins, minerals, supplements and medications. Our IV treatments are designed to promote positive change for your health and well-being.
  • Personalization: You receive our undivided attention during your treatment. We monitor you throughout the IV infusion and treat you with warmth and friendliness every time. At Mobile IV Nurses, you can even customize your drip bag with the ingredients you want. The goal is to give you the best possible service.

    In Jupiter, IV therapy offers powerful wellness support when you get your infusion from Mobile IV Nurses. Schedule your appointment today. 

    What Is Mobile IV Nurses?

    You can’t go wrong when you choose us for mobile IV therapy in Jupiter. Our team members are licensed healthcare providers with years of training and experience in IV treatment. We’re committed to providing you with an exceptional experience that meets our high standards for safety and patient care. 

    If you’re interested in getting medical quality IV care from the comfort of your home or hotel room, look no further than mobile IV therapy in Jupiter from Mobile IV Nurses. We bring IV treatment that was once only available at a hospital or clinic.

    What Can a Mobile IV Be Used For?

    Mobile IV Nurses understands the versatility of IV therapy, so we offer a diverse range of treatments. Choose a Myers’ Cocktail, renowned for its ability to fight fatigue and support a feeling of increased energy, or try an innovative NAD+ infusion to help slow the signs of aging. You can use IV therapy for:

    • Dehydration
    • Hangovers
    • Illnesses such as cold and flu
    • Nausea related to altitude sickness, morning sickness, food poisoning or other concerns
    • Workout recovery
    • Chronic medical conditions such as migraines
    • Anti-aging support
    • Weight-loss support

      Contact us to get IV therapy targeted to your specific needs.

      IV Therapy for Hangovers

      When you’re hungover, you may try all sorts of methods to get rid of your symptoms, from eating greasy foods to drinking more. And when you’re very hungover, you may even see if your local emergency room or urgent care has a banana bag — an IV infusion with B complex known to aid hydration and speed up your recovery — to spare.

      Guess what? Mobile IV Nurses has an even better solution. Our Jupiter mobile IV healthcare providers will bring IV therapy to you. Our Myers’ Cocktail has the same ingredients as a banana bag plus extra nutrients that may ease your headache, nausea, fatigue and more. Get hangover relief without ever leaving your house.

      Relieve Symptoms of Food Poisoning and More

      Whether you’ve come down with a case of food poisoning or cold and flu season has caught up to you, you want to recover as soon as possible. No one likes being sick, and with home IV therapy available in Jupiter, you may be able to get better sooner. We’ll bring your treatment to you so that you can remain in comfort and stop the spread of germs. By the time we leave, you should be on your way to lessened symptoms and better energy.

      IV Hydration Therapy Services

      Water is the single most important thing our bodies need to function, and when you have less of it than you need, your body makes it known. IV hydration therapy is often the best way to restore water levels quickly and safely so that you can avoid side effects like dizziness, thirst and exhaustion. Introducing the nutrients and hydration straight into your bloodstream helps your body absorb and use it faster than it would through you drinking water.

      Relief for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

      Whether it’s your first time expecting or you’ve been through pregnancy before, morning sickness can leave you dreading this exciting time in your life. As one of the leading providers of IV therapy in Jupiter, FL, Mobile IV Nurses is proud to offer a drip designed to curb morning sickness, fatigue and some of the other most common side effects of pregnancy.

      A New Solution for Migraines and Headaches

      Migraines often bring with them debilitating pain and sensitivity, leaving you unable to do much but wait for it to pass. At Mobile IV Nurses, we have a solution that may work better. Our Jupiter mobile IV therapy services allow us to come to you when you can’t come to us. Our nurses will work quickly and quietly to avoid disturbing you while we administer the hydration, nutrients and medication your body needs to start healing.

      Recover After Visiting the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

      Animal and nature lovers know the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top attractions in Jupiter. It’s a beautiful oasis set among 6-plus acres of boardwalks and nature trails. These pathways give you an up-close glimpse of cypress wetlands, oak hammocks and pine flatwoods. The nature center has many interactive exhibits, and you can meet birds, reptiles and more during the popular Wildlife Encounters each day.

      But spending too much time outdoors in the hot sun can be dehydrating, which can lead to symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and dizziness. IV therapy provides rapid rehydration to bring your fluid levels back in balance and ease your symptoms. 

      Mobile IV Packages & Extras

      Here in Jupiter, Mobile IV offers several packages.  The basic package, called Purely Saline, can be customized with any ingredients on our list below.

      Add-in vitamins include: 

      • Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)
      • B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6)
      • Glutathione
      • Magnesium
      • Vitamin C
      • Zinc
      • Taurine

      Add-in medications include: 

      • Reglan (metoclopramide)
      • Benadryl (diphenhydramine)
      • Pepcid (famotidine)
      • Toradol (ketorolac)
      • Zofran (ondansetron)

      In addition to our add-in ingredients, we have a few other add-ins you might want to include in your IV package. You can order an additional liter of saline and also include a number of injections, such as vitamin B12 and D3, and more. If you have any questions along the way about which nutrients and medications are right for you, our healthcare providers are here to help.

      Enjoy personalized IV therapy in Jupiter that is fine-tuned to your particular health needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can customize your IV package to maximize your benefits.


      How to Book a Mobile IV in Jupiter

      Trust Mobile IV Nurses for superior IV therapy in Jupiter, Florida. Call (305) 458-5118, text us, email [email protected], or book an appointment online. Our mobile IV therapy is available from the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us over the phone or consult some of our FAQs below.


      Can I get IV therapy at home?

      Of course! You can get IV therapy at home, the office, a hotel room, or even your gym. We work with you to provide treatment at the location that’s most convenient for you. We provide mobile IV therapy in Jupiter and the surrounding area, as well as many other locations in Florida

      Why should I try at-home IV therapy?

      It’s a great option if you’re not feeling well and don’t have the strength to leave home for treatment. You may also enjoy the privacy of getting at-home IV infusions rather than traveling to an IV lounge where you may end up sharing a group treatment space. And it’s easy to schedule an appointment with our daily service — we can come to you before or after work, or on the weekend for on-demand IV therapy in Jupiter.

      How does mobile IV therapy work? Do I need to supply anything?

      We bring all the equipment needed for a drip IV. You just need a space to sit and relax during the infusion. Prior to treatment, one of our medical professionals will review your health history and check your vital signs. Once the IV drip line is gently inserted into your arm, you can watch TV, read, or listen to music while our team member oversees the infusion. The entire appointment takes 45 to 60 minutes. And there’s no downtime afterward, so you can go on with the rest of your day.

      Is IV therapy covered by insurance?

      No, we do not accept insurance for IV therapy services. However, you have several payment options to choose from, including debit, credit card, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, PayPal and Apple Pay. You also may be able to use your FSA or HSA for payment. We want to make it easy for you to get high-quality IV therapy in Jupiter, Florida.