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Peanut butter and chocolate. Bread and butter. Fish and chips. There are many pairs like these that are great on their own but are perhaps even better when they’re together. And you can add B12 and MIC to that list. These two supplements work synergistically to enhance your well-being with powerful potential benefits. 

What Is B12?

Vitamin B12 (aka cobalamin) is integral for overall health. It helps the cells in your body produce energy, which is one reason why B12 shots are so popular for a pick-me-up. Plus, it supports your DNA production, nerves, and blood cells. B12 also influences liver health and detoxification, assists with sleep and appetite regulation, and plays a role in burning fat stored in the body. It’s a popular injection on its own for people who are fighting fatigue.

What Is MIC?

MIC gets its name from the trio of substances that make up this supplement:

  • Methionine is one of nine essential amino acids your body needs to function properly. In the case of methionine, it helps maintain a healthy liver by eliminating stored fats and encourages cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol and fatty buildup in the body’s blood vessels. 
  • Inositol is another name for vitamin B8; however, it isn’t a vitamin but rather a kind of sugar. It helps control blood sugar levels by working to manage insulin levels in the body. Inositol may also effectively address symptoms associated with mental health issues—such as depression, panic attacks, and OCD—that are linked to low levels of the serotonin neurotransmitter. It’s thought that inositol promotes serotonin production. 
  • Choline helps clear the liver of toxins and waste. This nutrient is also needed for brain, muscle, metabolic, and nervous system function. Choline even supports the structure of your cellular membranes.

What Are MIC B12 Injections?

MIC and B12 can be taken separately, but a MIC B12 shot offers greater potency because both supplements complement each other when combined. It’s often called a lipotropic shot—MIC and B12 are both believed to be effective at targeting fatty tissues in the body. MIC and B12 also aid in detoxing your liver, boosting energy levels, and supporting your metabolism.

B12 MIC Injection Benefits

These injections can enhance your overall health by ensuring your body has what it needs to function. Among the potential benefits you may experience:

  • Improved cognitive and nervous system function
  • Elevated mood
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Balanced blood sugar levels
  • Cellular growth and repair
  • Support for the development of lean muscle mass
  • Lower risk of heart disease attributed to high cholesterol levels
  • Gallbladder support
  • B12 supplementation for those at risk of vitamin deficiency (such as people who eat a plant-based diet or have chronic digestive issues, including gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome)

These shots are especially helpful for people who are on a weight loss regimen. A MIC B12 injection won’t trigger weight loss on its own, but it can be effective when part of a healthy weight loss plan that includes a nutritious diet, physical activity, plenty of sleep, and reduced stress. 

Why Is a B12 MIC Shot a Good Choice?

B12 MIC is a well-known supplement, readily available in capsules or liquids. However, as with all oral supplements, these forms of MIC B12 don’t absorb as quickly or effectively after passing through the body’s digestive system. A MIC B12 injection offers the potency you need because it goes into the bloodstream for maximum absorption and rapid results. A shot also works well for people with digestive issues that prevent them from taking oral supplements. 

The injection is quick, and there’s no downtime associated with the procedure. Some people may have a MIC B12 injection one to two times a week. Your provider can work with you to determine the best schedule for your shots, taking into account your wellness goals and health history. 

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