How to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps

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How to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps | Mobile IV Nurses

You’re out for your 6-mile weekend run, and you’re on track to set a new personal best. You’re feeling great as you enter mile 5, and then suddenly, it hits: the dreaded cramp. Forget about setting a new time — you just want to get rid of the pain that’s made your leg seize up so you can comfortably walk again.

Doesn’t sound familiar? Let’s try another scenario.

You’re warm and cozy in your bed, in the midst of a beautiful dream, when suddenly a pain in your calf forces you awake. Your muscles are balled up like a tight fist, causing severe discomfort. You try to massage the pain away, but to no avail — and by the time the cramp subsides, there’s almost no chance of falling back asleep.

Muscle cramps are a common concern for people who live active lifestyles, but they can also happen at night when you’re at rest. Cramps, also colloquially known as charley horses, take place in the leg, anywhere from the thigh down to the foot. The muscle contracts involuntarily, preventing movement until the cramp goes away. While the pain does eventually go away, it’s not pleasant while it lasts, and it’s frustrating if you cramp up a lot.

There are things you can do to minimize the issue and get rid of muscle cramps as soon as possible. If you frequently suffer from this pesky leg pain, you’ve probably tried lots of methods to learn how to get rid of cramps. But have you ever tried an IV for cramps? IV therapy from Mobile IV Nurses gives your body plenty of vitamins for muscle cramps and spasms, offering effective relief.

Muscle Cramp Causes

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There are several medical reasons why you may get cramps, including:

  • Poor blood flow 
  • Injuries
  • Temperature (excessive heat and cold)
  • Muscle stress or overuse
  • Low potassium levels
  • Low mineral levels (particularly of calcium, potassium, and sodium)
  • Dehydration

Muscle cramps are very common and can happen to anyone, regardless of their age, health, or activity level. However, some people do have a greater risk for cramps, such as pregnant women or people with diabetes, thyroid disease, or nerve compression. 

Athletes also have a greater risk for muscle cramps. Think about that 6-mile run: That’s a long distance in which you heavily work your legs, so your muscles can tire easily. And if you’re running in the heat of the day without hydrating along the way, dehydration cramps can strike at any time. This presents a real problem, as muscle overwork and dehydration are two of the most common cramping culprits.

Muscle Cramp Symptoms

It’s easy to tell when you have a muscle cramp. You’ll feel a sharp, shooting pain, and you may even feel a nub of your muscle tissues protruding under your skin in the affected area. You also won’t be able to move the muscle until the cramp subsides. 

When you have a cramp, the pain can ruin a jog, hike, or even a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, there are things you can do to learn how to stop muscle cramps fast and start moving again. 

Book IV Therapy for Dehydration

Treating Dehydration Muscle Cramps

Firstly, we should point out that not all muscle cramps are created equal. If you have persistent cramps related to a medical condition, it’s best to consult with a physician — especially if they occur frequently and are accompanied by red or swollen skin. 

However, if your muscle cramps are related to strenuous workouts or dehydration, try the following steps:


There’s a reason why stretching pre- and post-workout is recommended. Stretching can warm up your muscles before a heavy-duty workout, reducing your risk of cramping. Even if it does not work out during the day, a few stretches in the evening can help increase blood flow to your legs and keep cramps at bay.

Get More Minerals in Your Diet

Have you ever seen bananas handed out at the finish line after a 5K or half marathon? Athletes chow down on this fruit after a workout because it’s a great way for runners to replenish their potassium levels, and potassium is a key vitamin for muscle cramps. Another cramp-reducing mineral is magnesium. Try snacking on sunflower seeds or a handful of almonds, or add a magnesium supplement to your water bottle when you work out. 

Regulate Your Digestive System

Your body’s musculoskeletal system is an intricately connected network. That’s why if you have pain in your lower back from constipation, the pain may make its way down the leg in the form of cramps. Therefore, one way to avoid cramps is to keep your digestive system flowing. Drink lots of fluids and eat fiber-rich foods like legumes, leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables, and berries. 

Apply Heat

Heat is another key tool in the fight against muscle cramps. When you apply heat to a cramp, your body sends additional blood to the affected muscle. This allows the muscle to relax and the pain to fade away. A heating pad or warm bath can loosen leg muscles tightened by cramps. You can even add magnesium-rich Epsom salts to a bath for extra soothing relief. 

Drink as Much Water as Possible

As we mentioned earlier, dehydration is one of the primary culprits behind muscle cramps. Therefore, staying hydrated is essential for a cramp-free day! Drinking water or sports drinks before, during, and after a workout can help prevent dehydration and cramps. This is especially important if you’re exercising outdoors in hot weather for a sustained period of time.

Of course, sometimes cramps strike despite your best efforts to stay hydrated. Sports-related leg cramping may need a little something extra to get the job done — and that’s when you should call Mobile IV Nurses. We can help you banish those cramps and spasms with IV treatments that provide fast, effective relief.

IV Therapy: One of the Quickest Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Cramps

IV therapy offers symptom relief that you can feel right away. That’s one reason why our IV therapy service is often used by athletes and people who need pain management. Mobile IV Nurses specializes in IV therapy that brings noticeable symptom relief. Our team of medical professionals works with you to find the right treatment for muscle cramps and any other needs you may have.

Our medical-grade fluids are filled with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that effectively address various health conditions, including muscle cramps. In fact, these rich fluids offer potency when drinking water may not be enough to get you back up to speed. IV therapy offers speedy rehydration and replenishes your body’s supply of vitamins for muscle cramps. While a magnesium supplement or electrolytes in a sports drink need to travel through the digestive system first, IV fluids go right to the bloodstream for faster absorption. 

In addition to our high-quality treatments, our team makes the infusion process quick, convenient, and comfortable for you. We perform all infusions at the places where people feel most at ease, such as their home or office. We can add ingredients to any treatment for a customized IV that suits your unique health goals. And our experienced registered nurses and paramedics are always ready to give you expert-level care and ensure your safety and comfort throughout the process. 

Finally, our service puts you, the patient, first, with a diverse menu of different packages designed to suit any budget. You can always find a treatment option that will benefit your body without breaking the bank — because we know that everyone deserves to experience IV therapy.

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