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Mobile IV Nurses is a mobile intravenous (IV) therapy company that provides IV therapy services, under physician medical direction, at your home, business or at a specified location of your choice.

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What Is an IV Bar?

What is an IV Bar or Lounge: IV Clinics

What Is an IV Bar?

When most people think of getting an IV, they probably picture it in a medical setting—a hospital, urgent care center, or doctor’s office. But IV therapy’s popularity has increased in recent years, and so has the number of places offering this service. There has been a proliferation of IV bars and lounges, where you can drop in for treatment for various ailments and health conditions. But is this the best place to go for IV therapy?

What Is an IV Lounge?

An IV lounge or bar is like a clinic where you can get an IV infusion. These infusions supply fluids rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to your bloodstream to keep your body well-hydrated. These IVs target dehydration, which is a symptom or side effect of many health issues. Usually, an IV lounge has multiple stations to accommodate several clients at once. Some lounges have one large room with couches, recliners, and chairs set in groupings so clients can socialize during treatments, while others may have private treatment rooms.

IVs may be the specialty of the house at these lounges, but they may not be the only thing on the treatment menu. Many IV bars offer other services ranging from vitamin shots to genetic testing. Also, some wellness clinics or med spas have opened IV lounges as part of their business model.

What to Expect at an IV Bar

When you come in for your appointment at an IV lounge, you’ll be greeted at the reception desk and asked to fill out some kind of waiver. You may also be asked to provide a brief health history. The IV technician will discuss your treatment with you before getting started. This is the time to talk about your specific reasons for getting an IV—easing a hangover, rehydrating after illness, or looking for some anti-aging prevention—so you can customize your treatment with the right blend of vitamins and minerals. Drip IV lounges also offer premade IV blends to take the hassle out of making your selection. 

An IV infusion may take around 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You can read, chat, or work on your laptop or phone while the drip bag works. The technician will insert a needle into your arm and connect it to the IV bag of fluids while you sit back and relax. There’s no downtime, so you can schedule IVs during your lunch hour or before or after work. Some IV lounges also offer amenities such as phone chargers and water bottles you can enjoy during your visit. 

You may feel like you are in a trendy boutique or a hip spa, depending on the IV cocktail bar you visit. Some of these businesses even host special events or provide IVs for parties, while others offer memberships that guarantee you receive a certain number of IV treatments each month for a preset price. The cost for an IV treatment varies according to location, the type of IV bag you request, and whether you add supplemental ingredients. 

An IV lounge or bar may seem like an attractive option for treatment, but you may find greater satisfaction with a mobile IV service.

The Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy

Mobile IV Nurses has earned a sterling reputation as the leading mobile IV therapy provider in Arizona. We provide high-quality, medical-grade IVs for a range of medical conditions. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed to reap the following benefits:

Convenient service

We come to your home, office, or other location of your choice for your infusion. You don’t have to travel to an IV bar to feel better; you can stay in your own comfortable surroundings. You have privacy and peace and quiet compared to the more social atmosphere of an IV lounge.

Medical expertise

All of our infusions are performed by registered nurses and paramedics with experience in IV therapy. They monitor patients carefully to create a safe and secure environment during treatment.

An extensive menu of IV services

Mobile IV Nurses treats patients with many different health needs. Some come to us to help them as they recover from illnesses, jet lag, or hangovers. Others rely on us to help them manage chronic health conditions such as migraines. We also work with several athletes who need to stay hydrated for major events. Mobile IV Nurses offers popular IVs such as the Myers’ Cocktail to help alleviate fatigue. We also give you the option to customize your IV fluids with supplements or medications. Plus, we offer cutting-edge NAD+ IV therapy designed to reinvigorate you and address the signs of aging. 


Our IV packages are reasonably priced, and we offer several options for payment. We want you to have the flexibility to get the IV therapy you need.

A drip bar for IV therapy may seem like a trendy, new service, but IV therapy is more than just a trend. Contact Mobile IV Nurses for a safe, cost-effective treatment provided by a highly qualified team that cares for every patient.

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