What Is an IV Bar?

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An IV bar offers a variety of intravenous drips filled with vitamins, minerals, and medications that are administered in a casual environment. These drip bar IV lounges are a recent addition to the wellness field. When most people think of getting IV therapy, they probably picture it in a medical setting such as a hospital, urgent care center, or doctor’s office. But IV therapy’s popularity has increased in recent years, and so has the number of places offering this service. 

There has been a proliferation of IV bars and lounges, where you can drop in for treatment for various ailments and health conditions. But is this the best place to go for IV therapy? And are there any other options aside from drip bars?

What Is An IV Lounge?

An IV lounge or bar is like a clinic where you can get an IV infusion. These infusions supply fluids rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to your bloodstream to keep your body well-hydrated. These IVs target dehydration, which is a symptom or side effect of many health issues. 

Usually, an IV lounge has multiple stations to accommodate several clients at once. Some lounges have one large room with couches, recliners, and chairs set in groupings so clients can socialize during treatments, while others may have private treatment rooms. Some hydration bars may even provide outdoor IV infusions on patios or other spaces.

IVs may be the specialty of the house at these lounges, but they may not be the only thing on the treatment menu. Many IV bars offer other services ranging from vitamin shots to genetic testing. Also, some wellness clinics or med spas have opened IV lounges as part of their business model. 

An IV bar allows you to seek treatment for a variety of health concerns without needing to make an appointment at a clinical facility or get approval in advance from a doctor. At a drip bar, IV therapy may be used for many conditions, including:

  • Dehydration
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Cold or flu symptoms
  • Hangovers
  • Jet lag

It’s important, however, to seek treatment at an infusion bar with staff members who are trained in IV therapy. Regulations are different from state to state, so you may want to ask who performs infusions: a registered nurse, a licensed practical nurse, or another medical professional.

What Can You Get At An IV Drip Bar?

IV lounges usually offer a treatment menu of different drip bags. Each one features specific ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that support your overall well-being. The following are some of the ingredients you might find:

  • Vitamin B12

Also called methylcobalamin, B12 does the necessary task of red blood cell formation. It can also help maintain healthy cognitive function.

  • B Complex

This group of vitamins supports the immune system and cardiovascular health. It also converts food into energy, which is why B Complex helps fight fatigue. B Complex typically consists of B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), and B6 (pyridoxine).

  • Vitamin C

This is a vitamin and antioxidant, so it can help slow the aging process and enhance the power of your immune system.

  • Magnesium

Your body needs this mineral to make DNA and RNA. It also helps regulate blood pressure.

  • Zinc

This healing mineral helps with wounds and may help guard the body against disease or illness.

  • Glutathione

This antioxidant can help slow down the signs of aging and detoxify the body. It may play a role in preventing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative diseases, and provide symptom relief for many chronic health conditions

  • Medications

Potent medications target certain issues to give your IV infusion greater effectiveness for symptom relief.

People usually get an IV to alleviate dehydration, whether it’s caused by illness, intense athletic activity, or extensive heat exposure. IVs are also sought out by people who need to find symptom relief from a temporary illness or a chronic medical condition. However, IVs are good in sickness and health — you can regularly book infusions for regular wellness support and everyday vitality.


The Myers’ Cocktail is one of the most common drip bags offered at IV bars. It contains all of the above ingredients in a sterile solution and helps provide energy while rehydrating. 

You also may have the option to add specific ingredients to a drip bag. For instance, you could get a Myers’ Cocktail with an extra non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for pain or anti-nausea medication for food poisoning or flu.

Drip bar prices will vary depending on the type of IV treatment you select and whether you add extra ingredients. Some IV bars may be more expensive than others, offering certain ingredients at higher prices.

What To Expect At An IV Bar

When you come in for your appointment at an IV lounge, you’ll be greeted at the reception desk and asked to fill out some kind of waiver. You may also be asked to provide a brief health history, as well as a list of medications or supplements you’re taking. 

The IV technician will discuss your treatment with you before getting started. This is the time to talk about your specific reasons for getting an IV — easing a hangover, rehydrating after illness, or looking for some anti-aging prevention — so you can customize your treatment with the right blend of vitamins and minerals. Drip IV lounges also offer premade IV blends to take the hassle out of making your selection. This is also a good time to ask questions if you want any details of IV therapy explained to you.

An IV infusion may take around 45 to 60 minutes to complete. You can read, chat, or work on your laptop or phone while the drip bag works. The technician will insert a catheter into your arm and connect it to the IV bag of fluids while you sit back and relax. The fluids steadily flow down the drip IV line and enter the bloodstream, so the IV ingredients are absorbed into the body right away. This means you may feel the effects of treatment fairly quickly.

There’s no downtime, so you can schedule IVs during your lunch hour or before or after work. Some IV lounges also offer amenities such as phone chargers and water bottles you can enjoy during your visit. 

You may feel like you are in a trendy boutique or a hip spa, depending on the IV cocktail bar you visit. Some of these businesses even host special events or provide IVs for parties, while others offer memberships that guarantee you receive a certain number of IV treatments each month for a preset price. The cost for an IV treatment varies according to location, the type of IV bag you request, and whether you add supplemental ingredients. 

An IV hydration bar has attractive benefits, but you may find greater satisfaction with a mobile IV service that’s the ultimate in convenient IV therapy.

How To Choose A Drip Bar

You want to entrust your wellness to a reputable IV therapy provider, especially because there are so many different facilities out there. Researching prospective IV bars or lounges is essential so you can reap the maximum benefits from your treatment. Before making an appointment, you may want to ask some of the following questions:

  • Who administers the IV treatments? What are their credentials and training? Are they able to act quickly in case any issues arise during infusion?
  • Are appointments needed, or do you accept walk-ins?
  • What is the price menu? Are all fees included, or are there separate charges? 
  • Does insurance cover IV therapy? If not, what are the payment options?
  • Can I customize my treatment? If so, what add-ons are available, and how much do they cost? 
  • Are there medications I can include with IV treatment? How much do they cost, and what symptoms do they address?
  • Do you offer other services besides IV therapy, such as vitamin shots?
  • Can I get private IV therapy?
  • How do you decide what kind of drip bag to use with a client? 
  • Is there anything preventing me from being a good candidate for IV therapy?
  • How do you help people who are a “hard stick” and have difficulty establishing an IV line?
  • Are regular IV infusions necessary for my health goals? If so, how do I establish a treatment schedule? Are there discounts for multiple IV sessions?

If the busy public setting and limited hours of an IV drip lounge don’t sound like the best fit for you, there is an alternative that offers fast, responsive service: a mobile IV provider.

The Benefits of Mobile IV Therapy

Mobile IV Nurses has earned a sterling reputation as the leading mobile IV therapy provider in Arizona and Florida. We specialize in IV treatments formulated with high-quality, medical-grade ingredients that are designed for a range of medical conditions. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed to reap the following benefits:

Convenient Service

We come to your home, office, or other location of your choice for your infusion. You don’t have to travel to an IV bar to feel better; you can stay in your own comfortable surroundings. That’s especially beneficial if you’ve got a hangover or flu that makes it hard to travel for treatment or make an appointment at a drip bar IV lounge.

Our mobile service is also ideal if you crave privacy and peace and quiet, whereas the communal treatment rooms and social aspect of IV bars may not be appealing to you. You also don’t have to fit your treatment into an IV drip bar’s hours of operation. Mobile IV Nurses provides treatment every day and can even schedule IV therapy around the clock, depending on nurse availability. 

Medical Expertise

All of our infusions are performed by medical professionals (registered nurses and/or paramedics, depending on your service area) with experience in IV therapy. They listen to every patient, making sure they get the best possible IV drip bag for their current symptoms and health history. 

Our team pays attention to the details and monitors patients carefully to create a safe and secure environment during treatment. Our team of professionals also receives medical direction from a physician, so you have the reassurance that comes from treatment grounded in expertise. 

An Extensive Menu Of IV Services

Mobile IV Nurses treat patients with many different health needs. Some come to us because they want to recover from symptoms related to illnesses, jet lag, or hangovers. Others rely on us to help them manage chronic health conditions such as migraines, allergies, or chronic fatigue syndrome

We also work with several athletes who need to stay hydrated for major events, pregnant mothers struggling with severe morning sickness, or people who want to complement their weight-loss treatment program with IV infusions. We’ll find the right treatment for you and your needs.

Mobile IV Nurses offers popular IVs such as the Myers’ Cocktail to help alleviate fatigue, as well as specialized packages. We also give you the option to customize your IV fluids with supplements or medications. Plus, we offer cutting-edge NAD+ IV therapy designed to reinvigorate you and address the signs of aging. We can answer any of your questions about IV therapy and detail how our different ingredients can support your health.

Multiple Locations

If you’re in Arizona or Florida, there’s probably a Mobile IV Nurses team member near you. Our mobile service gives us the capability to cover a lot of ground, so we make IV therapy widely accessible.

Check out our list of these cities, and other areas we serve, to find the location closest to you. An IV bar can’t compare when it comes to the customer-first service of mobile IV therapy.


Our IV packages and add-in ingredients are reasonably priced, and we offer several options for payment, including check, and credit or debit card. We want you to have the flexibility to get the IV therapy you need. Our costs aren’t much different than those you’d pay at an IV bar, and we don’t even charge travel fees for our team members to come to your location. This is a cost-effective convenience you’ll appreciate.

Book Your Treatment With Mobile IV Nurses!

An infusion bar for IV therapy may seem like a trendy, new service, but IV therapy is more than just a trend. IV therapy — using the best products, administered by the best people — can make a world of difference for your well-being. Experience that difference with Mobile IV Nurses. 

We offer safe, cost-effective treatment provided by a highly qualified team that cares for every patient. You get great results and great service with our team. Schedule online to book your appointment.