Energize Your Mind and Body with NAD+ IV Therapy

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Energize Your Mind and Body with NAD+ IV Therapy


We’re all looking for the recipe for lifelong vitality and wellness. It’s a search for that just-right combination of exercise, nutrition, stress relief, and other healthy lifestyle habits to give us extra strength and vibrancy. But the secret ingredient may be something you don’t know about: NAD+ IV therapy.

This cutting-edge treatment holds great promise for transforming your health and wellness. There are several reported NAD+ benefits that work on a whole-body level. If you don’t know about NAD+ therapy, here’s how it works and how it can help reshape your life.

What is NAD+?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Derived from vitamin B3, NAD is a coenzyme naturally produced in our bodies. High levels of production ensure we reap the incredible NAD benefits for our health. The “+” in NAD+ means it’s in an oxidized form. Our body makes it by synthesizing elements, called NAD precursors, into NAD. 

What’s the Science Behind NAD+?

NAD+ fulfills many functions in our body and is essential to life. In fact, it’s responsible for more than 500 enzymatic reactions and factors into almost all of our body’s major biological processes. NAD+ plays the following roles:

  • Fuels cells with energy converted from proteins, carbs, and fats
  • Regulates the body’s stress response
  • Repairs cells for better function
  • Maintains cellular DNA
  • Governs our sleep/wake cycle
  • Encourages stem cell production that can help repair the body’s nerves, bones, and tissues
  • Controls calcium levels
  • Oversees gene expression that can affect aging
  • Uses its antioxidant capabilities to reduce and help prevent damage caused by free radicals
  • Regulates metabolism

The potential benefits of NAD+ for anti-aging are particularly exciting. NAD+ supports DNA repair and healthy tissues, which promotes vitality. But it also has a more direct influence on the progress of aging in the body in two significant ways.

First, NAD+ is essential for mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are found in each of the body’s cells because they’re the generator that keep cells supplied with energy. Mitochondria also have their own DNA, which is susceptible to the free radical damage that can spur aging. When mitochondria function is compromised, cells don’t get the energy they need, and that can accelerate the signs of aging. 

NAD+ is also needed for healthy sirtuin function. Sirtuins are a class of enzymes associated with several processes related to aging, including inflammation, oxidative stress, metabolism, and healthy mitochondrial function. Two sirtuins, SIRT1 and SIRT3, can help regulate genes that cause aging in the body. They do this by switching off gene activity, helping to slow the signs of aging. 

Everyone starts life with a healthy level of NAD+ production. However, as we age, production declines, and our bodies’ NAD+ demand outstrips the supply. In addition to this natural decline, NAD+ production can also drop due to poor lifestyle choices, such as alcohol abuse, elevated stress levels, and an unhealthy diet. That’s when NAD+ IV therapy can come to the rescue. 

How Does NAD+ IV Therapy Work?

An NAD+ IV benefits you by replenishing your body’s natural supply, keeping your NAD+ levels elevated. Previously, an oral supplement was the only option for anyone who wanted to boost their NAD+ levels. However, the NAD+ would lose its potency because it had to travel through the body’s digestive system before metabolization. 

NAD+ IV therapy delivers this powerful coenzyme straight to the bloodstream for complete absorption, so it takes effect much more quickly. NAD+ IV therapy has greater potency and greater effectiveness than those traditional supplements.

NAD+ is typically infused into the body intravenously. With IV therapy, an IV provider administers a hydrating fluid containing the coenzyme, just like any other IV, into the arm. The IV provider monitors you throughout the procedure for your safety and comfort. Many people report feeling more energetic and clear-headed immediately after treatment, and there’s no downtime involved. As for an NAD+ injection, it is a quick intramuscular IM shot, absorbed through the muscle’s blood supply, which then enters the bloodstream.

Before either treatment, we take great care to ensure your comfort and safety. Our medical professionals review your health history, wellness goals, and any current symptoms you may have. This ensures you’re getting the right treatment for the best results.

You can also supplement your NAD+ IV with other vitamins or minerals, depending on your health needs. Your provider may suggest a regular schedule of NAD+ IV therapy for overall wellness maintenance. 

What Are NAD+ IVs Used For?

NAD+ infusions are great for just about anyone. Some people may incorporate it into their normal healthcare routine, while others may use it for specific issues. A few of the most common ones include: 


Our cells age as we age. Consequently, we experience typical signs of aging. We may not move as quickly as we once did, notice our skin’s appearance lacks a youthful tone and texture, or forget an acquaintance’s name or where we put the keys. Because NAD+ is instrumental in cellular health, it may help slow the decline caused by aging and promote greater longevity. In addition, some studies are researching how NAD+ may be helpful for age-related diseases such as dementia. Many people rely on these NAD+ IV therapy benefits for their potential to provide beauty enhancements, weight loss support, increased mental acuity, and an overall sense of energy to eliminate fatigue.

Mental health:

NAD+ may help regulate mood by contributing to healthy brain chemistry. Some users have reported success in using NAD+ IV therapy to ease the symptoms of anxiety or depression, such as fatigue and insomnia. Plus, plenty of NAD+ can help ensure a good night’s sleep and lots of energy, which can also decrease the intensity of symptoms. It’s important to incorporate NAD+ IV therapy for anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions into a larger treatment plan. This can include talk therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and medication. Speak with your mental health provider to see if an NAD+ drip IV can help you.


Using NAD+ therapy for addiction is one of its newer uses. NAD+ is thought to repair the brain’s pathways, called neurotransmitters, which have been damaged by heavy substance abuse. This healing process can also reduce the craving for drugs or alcohol, greatly assisting in recovery. NAD+ can help detox the body, restore a diminished supply of NAD in the body, and boost mood and brain function. NAD+ IV therapy is often used as part of a larger rehabilitation regimen during addiction recovery. 

What Are NAD+ IV Benefits?

There are many reported benefits to this course of IV therapy. Among them:

  • A sharper, clearer mind
  • A potential slowing of aging in the body
  • DNA damage repair
  • Increased energy and less fatigue
  • More effective athletic performance
  • A stronger metabolism
  • Happier moods
  • Assistance with weight loss and building muscle 
  • Reduced symptoms associated with depression and anxiety
  • A decrease in body inflammation
  • Reduced signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles in the skin

NAD+ IV Therapy Side Effects

Another benefit is that NAD+ IV therapy side effects are rare, and the treatment is considered safe. Typically, abdominal pain and nausea are the only adverse effects that have been reported. But those side effects are only temporary and usually go away fairly soon.

Mobile IV Nurses ensures your safety and comfort by using only highly-trained medical professionals to administer IVs. Our team reviews your health information, checks your vital signs, and monitors you throughout treatment.

What Does an NAD+ IV Cost?

Mobile IV Nurses offers affordable pricing packages for NAD+ therapy. Prices range from $200 to $850 for an NAD+ infusion on its own, or it can cost between $100 and $800 when combined with one of our other IV packages. We also offer NAD+ injections from $100 to $450. All prices are based on the dose of NAD+ you select for your IV or injection.

We do not accept private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare in order to maintain these affordable costs. Contact us to learn more about our many convenient payment options. 

Trust Mobile IV Nurses with Your NAD+ IV Therapy

Mobile IV Nurses specializes in NAD+ therapy. Our registered nurses and paramedics take great care of you during treatment and answer all of your questions. We’ll help you select the right combination of ingredients for a customized drip IV.

Our mobile service brings NAD+ IVs to you, wherever you are, so you can relax in comfort during your treatment. We serve multiple locations in Arizona, such as Phoenix, Tucson, and Scottsdale.Contact us today if NAD+ is the missing ingredient in your wellness regimen.

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