IV Therapy vs. Oral Supplements

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December 14, 2021
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IV Therapy vs. Oral Supplements

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Maintaining optimal health often involves supplementing your daily diet with vitamins and minerals that strengthen your body and promote a vibrant sense of well-being. But it can take a lot of time and effort to research which nutrients your body needs, and you don’t want to waste that effort by not getting the most out of your supplements. That’s why it’s important to focus not just on what supplements you’re taking but how you’re consuming them. 

There are two main ways you can incorporate extra nutrients into your wellness routine: IV therapy vs. oral supplements. While at first glance it may seem like oral supplements are the best choice—just take a pill and go about your day—IV nutritional supplements offer tremendous benefits in ways oral solutions can’t match.

The Difference Between Oral and IV Supplements

What are the distinctions between these two types of supplements?

  • They take different forms.

IV supplements, naturally, are liquids because they are contained in IV fluids. Oral solutions, on the other hand, can be liquids as well as capsules, pills, powders, tablets, or tinctures.

  • They have different delivery methods.

Unlike supplements you consume orally, IV fluids are administered via a drip line inserted into your arm. This allows the fluids to go directly to the bloodstream—and this, as you’ll soon learn, is key to IV therapy’s effectiveness.

Benefits of IV Therapy over Oral Supplements

There are many advantages to IV therapy vs. oral supplements. Among them:

  • Convenience

With IV therapy, you get a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements all in one drip bag. Think of all the pills, capsules, powders, or liquid solutions you’d have to take to achieve the same with oral supplements.

  • Personalization

You take control of your health with the ability to customize your blend of IV ingredients. Want extra vitamin B12 for extra energy or a boost of magnesium to ease aches and pains? Just include it in your drip IV. You don’t get that same control with oral supplements, which are manufactured in preset amounts. 

  • Hydration

IV fluids recharge the body by alleviating dehydration with electrolyte-rich fluids. Different types of IV fluids can help balance fluid levels in the cells, depending on your particular health issue, so they function at their best. You’ll experience a noticeable difference in your overall wellness when your body gets nutrient-rich hydration with IV therapy.

But perhaps the most significant benefit occurs when IV fluids enter the body.

Absorption Rates

The dramatic difference in absorption rates of IV therapy vs. oral supplements is a game-changer. Absorption rate refers to the amount of vitamin or mineral the body intakes and uses to nourish cells. 

Obviously, the higher the absorption rate, the better, meaning your body gets more of the vitamin or mineral you are supplementing. And that means you’ll get a more powerful effect from these nutrients. And isn’t that what the end goal is of supplementation anyway?

It’s believed that absorption rates for oral supplements are shockingly low—anywhere between 10% to 50%. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Oral supplements lose potency as they travel through the digestive tract.

These vitamins and minerals have a long journey before they reach the bloodstream and the cells. At each stop along the way—including the stomach, intestines, and liver—some of the nutrients are absorbed in the digestive system, so there’s lower bioavailability by the time the supplement hits the bloodstream.

  • Other obstacles stand in the way.

The absorption rate for oral supplements varies so much because other factors can play a role. These include a person’s age, genetics, and medical disorders that may prevent proper metabolization, leading to a nutritional deficiency. 

Now, let’s compare that with IV nutritional supplements. Because intravenous infusions go straight to the bloodstream, you get practically 100% absorption, and more of the supplement is available for your cells. Also, IV fluids bypass the digestive tract so they get to work quicker—and that means you can feel better faster than when you swallow a pill or tablet. 

Hydrate with Nutritional Supplements

Dehydration is involved with many types of medical conditions, ranging from migraines to illness. IV supplements not only supply the body with vitamins and minerals, but they also provide much-needed fluid to maintain balance (also called homeostasis). A well-hydrated body is also important for your overall health, and IV therapy gives you that essential wellness support.

Learn from the Experts at Mobile IV Nurses

Our registered nurses and paramedics are experts in IV therapy and how it can transform your health. They can discuss in detail the benefits of IV therapy vs. oral supplements with you and help you select the best vitamins and minerals for your specific needs. Learn about IV therapy and more about us—book an appointment for treatment today.

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