Using IV Therapy for Your Weight Loss Goals

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February 22, 2021
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March 29, 2021

Using IV Therapy for Your Weight Loss Goals


Anyone who has ever tried to drop a few pounds knows that, unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet for weight loss. The keys to effective, long-lasting change are a nutritious diet and a strong workout regimen. This can take a dedicated effort, depending on your goals, but IV therapy for weight loss may make the job easier. Mobile IV Nurses provides you with reliable service and premium-quality treatments.

Does IV Therapy Work for Weight Loss?

It’s important to note from the start that IVs don’t help you lose weight on their own. IVs provide powerful sources of vitamins and minerals, but they can’t take the place of healthy lifestyle habits that are foundational for weight loss. However, you can integrate IV therapy as a valuable part of your overall weight-loss plan.

IV treatment for weight loss offers vital support for your body while you are working toward creating change. IVs help strengthen the body as you change your eating habits and make exercise a priority. The rich fluids in IVs provide essential ingredients that help your internal systems function at their best, which can help your weight-loss journey continue to move forward. Here are some of the ways IVs help the body and how it relates to weight loss:

Vitamins and minerals can help promote a faster metabolism.

Metabolism is the way we convert the calories we consume into energy. A faster metabolism is often more effective at calorie burn. IVs help boost metabolism by providing power to your cells to assist with this process. Generally, human metabolism slows down as we age, which can make it more challenging to shed pounds as we get older. 

IVs can help detoxify the body.

The human body is amazing due to the sheer number of functions it performs. One of those functions is detoxification, or clearing harmful substances out of the body. We have a great natural detox system with organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin working together. However, that delicate balance can be undone by any number of factors—lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and poor diet, among others—and our bodies may not detox as effectively when that happens. An IV weight loss infusion can provide the vitamins and minerals we need for our bodies to function correctly, and that includes detoxification.

Vitamins and antioxidants fight free radicals. 

Free radicals weaken cells, and that damage can trigger chronic illness and the signs of aging, a result called oxidative stress. Weight loss requires effort, and it can be harder to make that effort if we feel run down or sick. Free radicals are all around us, and we come in contact with them through air pollution and secondhand smoke or when we smoke. Antioxidants help safeguard your health by targeting those free radicals, so they don’t wreak as much havoc.

IVs are excellent at addressing dehydration. 

Our internal systems operate on finely calibrated fluid levels that keep our bodies running smoothly. It makes sense that when we lose fluids, our bodies suffer the consequences. Dehydration can be caused by illness, excessive sweating, heavy alcohol consumption, spending a great deal of time outdoors in a hot climate, and other issues. And dehydration can take a toll on your body in terms of weight loss. Your muscles may ache, preventing you from working out. Your metabolism and detoxification processes can also slow down, and you may not get as much calorie burn. Dehydration can also worsen chronic health conditions, which may be another deterrent to healthy weight loss. If you receive a drip IV for weight loss, you ensure your body stays hydrated so you can avoid those pitfalls.

IVs can help rehydrate your body, giving you the energy you need to stay active and focused on your goals. IV hydration for weight loss can be a powerful way to stay on track.

Myers Cocktail IV Bag


The Myers' Cocktail is what we typically recommend for aid in weight loss. The $195 price includes us traveling to your location!
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IVs and Weight Loss: What to Look for in Your Drip Bag

You want medical-grade IV fluids for your treatment. Look for common ones such as Lactated Ringer’s or a standard saline solution. Then you need high-quality vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. You can pick and choose which ones to use, or opt for a Myers’ Cocktail. This popular IV is already formulated with a precise blend of ingredients that will support your weight-loss program.

A Myers’ Cocktail contains:

  • B Complex and B12 vitamins: These vitamins supply energy. This boost may help power up your metabolism for calorie burn.
  • Vitamin C and glutathione: These are potent antioxidants to help fight free radicals. Vitamin C is also beneficial for your immune system.
  • Magnesium: This mineral eases muscle aches and pains, so it’s great if you regularly engage in moderate- or high-intensity exercise. 
  • Zinc: This useful vitamin is said to help your body ward off colds and infections, as well as promote tissue repair.
  • Optional supplements: You may also want to include methionine inositol choline (MIC) in your Myers’ Cocktail if you’re pursuing IV therapy for weight loss. It’s believed to help support lean muscle mass and target fat stores in the body. This is helpful because you want to build muscle for better exercise performance and calorie burn.

The Myers’ Cocktail IV complements your healthy eating and exercise habits. It’s also helpful if you’re facing dehydration, illness, or chronic health conditions or needing to prepare for or recover from major athletic events.

It’s advisable to speak with a physician before starting any weight-loss routine, especially if you don’t exercise regularly or have any dietary concerns. You’ll want a nutritious eating plan based on whole foods—no crash diets, please—and a workout routine you’ll stick to. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and get enough rest every night.

What Metabolism Drips Can Do

When you were younger, you probably ate whatever you wanted, and it never affected your waistline. Part of that is due to the speedy metabolism young people are blessed with. However, as you age, your metabolism isn’t as quick to convert your calories into energy as it used to be. IV treatment for weight loss gives you essential metabolic support with an infusion of vitamins that maintain strong energy levels in the body.


This increase in energy is important in weight loss. That’s because weight loss involves two activities—eating a lower number of calories and pushing your body physically in exercise—that can drain your energy levels. With less energy, it’s harder to stick to your workout plan, and you may not feel motivated enough to cook healthy meals when a trip to the local fast-food restaurant would be so much easier. Basically, without the extra energy provided by an IV weight loss infusion, your metabolism is stuck in a lower gear, and it’s harder to make the healthy lifestyle choices that help you shed pounds.


The vitamin levels in IVs are also key for weight-loss support in another way. IV hydration infuses those vitamins into the bloodstream for complete absorption, so you get maximum levels of the nutrients your body needs. When you consume vitamins orally, they pass through the digestive tract, lessening their absorption. Optimal vitamin levels not only help your body function properly but also alleviate adrenal fatigue that can keep you from feeling your best.

When your body has the vitamins and energy it needs, working out—another key component of sustainable weight loss—is easier and more effective. IV therapy for weight loss support is beneficial for anyone with a strict exercise regimen. IV fluids can be used before or after exercise to maintain balanced fluids in the body. Without that fluid intake, you run the risk of dehydration. 

Dehydration symptoms, such as fatigue and lightheadedness, can slow you down, and when you can’t exercise to your max, you don’t get as much calorie burn, and you may not lose as many pounds as you’d like. Dehydration also affects post-workout recovery; lack of fluids can lead to muscle cramps, pain, or soreness. IV therapy can help prevent dehydration or alleviate related symptoms. 

Improved Sleep 

Plus, many of the issues that IV therapy helps with, including vitamin deficiencies, physical performance, and dehydration, affect your sleep. Poor sleep quality may correlate with unsuccessful weight loss. Research indicates that lack of sleep can disrupt your metabolism, increase your appetite, and may increase the risk for obesity. 

Fat Burning

Finally, you can add supplements to your IV that may promote fat burning. We offer Lipo C/MIC Plus as an add-on to our IV packages. Lipo C stands for lipotropes that break down fat during metabolism. We use three lipotropes in our supplement, which is where the “MIC” in MIC Plus comes from methionine, inositol, and choline. These compounds enhance energy and help encourage fat loss. 

Overall, IVs for weight loss are great for promoting overall wellness, which may make it easier to reach your weight loss goals.

What Metabolism Drips Can’t Do

IV therapy does many things, but it can’t make you lose weight on its own. Nothing replaces old-fashioned exercise and healthy eating when it comes to making positive, lasting changes to your body. When you take the right steps toward weight loss, IV therapy complements your lifestyle habits so you get the best results.

Tips for Accomplishing Healthy Weight Loss

  • Make realistic goals. Gradual weight loss of about a pound or two a week often leads to lasting success, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). That means you can avoid fad diets that promise fast, drastic weight loss. Even if you do drop pounds with these crash diets, it’s not healthy for your body, and you’ll likely regain the weight once the diet ends. Keep in mind that even when it seems the numbers on the scale aren’t moving fast enough for your liking, you may still be losing inches and changing your body composition when you work out and eat well.
  • Keep a food diary. This gives you an accurate picture of the types of food you eat and how many calories you’re actually consuming each day. You may figure out where your eating habits need modification when you see what you’re eating in black and white. Plus, you may also uncover unhealthy eating patterns, such as turning to sugary foods during times of stress. When you identify those triggers, create coping tools that are better for your well-being—skip the ice cream and go for a walk, for instance.
  • Focus on whole foods. Processed foods are often high in fat, high fructose corn syrup, sodium, added sugars, and other ingredients that aren’t ideal for losing weight. Instead, focus on “meeting food group needs with nutrient-dense foods and beverages, and stay within calorie limits,” according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025. Create healthy eating patterns with all kinds of whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, protein-rich foods, and heart-healthy oils.
  • Don’t overlook beverages. It’s not just the food you eat—you can cut calories by cutting down on alcohol, juices, and sodas. Drink plenty of water throughout the day; add slices of fruit for flavor enhancement.
  • Incorporate physical activity into your daily life. Weight loss is essentially about burning more calories than you consume, called a calorie deficit. Regular exercise in conjunction with low-calorie, nutrient-rich meals can achieve a calorie deficit. The CDC recommends setting a goal of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity each week to maintain a healthy weight. Moderate-intensity exercise includes walking and biking, while running, swimming, and playing sports, such as soccer, are considered forms of vigorous exercise. Talk with your doctor before launching any exercise program, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or have medical issues.

Ask Us About IV Weight Loss Infusions

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